adjective or adverb?

Put the correct word in each gap.
  1. She is a (famous/famously) actress in the U.S.A.
  2. I don't know him very (good/well).
  3. She could (hard/hardly) get what they were talking about.
  4. The children usually behave (good/well), but they are (noisy/noisily).
  5. She didn't have a (loud/loudly) voice, but she spoke very (clear/clearly).
  6. She could answer the questions (correct/correctly).
  7. This (old/oldly) house belongs to my grandparents.
  8. This fish smells (awful/awfully).
  9. She listened (attentive/attentively) when the scientist explained how a bomb can be made.
  10. Either your watch is (slow/slowly) or mine is (fast/fastly).