passive voice

Put the sentences into passive voice. Mind the tenses.
They speak English and French at this hotel.
English and French at this hotel.

The little boy broke the window last week.
The window by the little boy last week.

Our secretary typed this enquiry.
This enquiry by our secretary.

Jill uses the computer quite often.
The computer by Jill quite often.

The secretary defended some colleagues.
Some colleagues by the secretary.

Picasso painted this picture.
This picture by Picasso.

Last year they published ten books.
Ten books (by them) last year.

Molly has knitted this cardigan.
This cardigan by Molly.

Next year George will visit Marc in London.
Next year Marc by George in London.

Jim has opened the window.
The window by Jim.

Frank has broken many windows.
Many windows by Frank.

Lucy buys many books.
Many books by Lucy.

David has written some letters.
Some letters by David.

Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning conductor.
The lightning conductor by Benjamin Franklin.

All students have learned the irregular verbs.
The irregular verbs by all students.