Put the verbs in brackets in past perfect.

Hinweis: PAST PERFECT (Plusquamperfekt) wird verwendet, wenn man von einer abgeschlossenen Handlung spricht, die vor einer anderen abgeschlossenen Handlung (PAST TENSE, Präteritum) passiert ist.

  1. He met some friends at a restaurant after he (be) at a concert.
  2. After they (play) ludo, they went for a walk.
  3. She was angry at him because he (lie) to her.
  4. They spoke English fluently after they (be) in London for some years.
  5. She won the competition because she (practise) a lot.
  6. I could not buy any ice-cream because I (forget) my money.
  7. After we (visit) our aunt in London, we spent a week in Cornwall.
  8. My mother was angry at me because I (break) a very expensive vase.
  9. Bill came home completely wet because he (forget) his umbrella.
  10. After Sue and Mary (play) tennis for three hours, they were tired.