Choose the correct personal pronoun. Mind the spelling.
   He      her      him      It      it      me      she      them      they      We      you   
  1. Where is Monica? I can't find anywhere.
  2. Would give me your address, please?
  3. There are Jill and Jack. Let's ask about the homework.
  4. Sam, can I help ?
  5. She asked her children, "Harry and Michael, where have been?"
  6. Have you seen my pen? I can't find anywhere.
  7. There is a policeman. We can ask the way to the station.
  8. Where's your classroom? - is on the first floor.
  9. Is Kate keen on karate? - Yes, loves .
  10. Tom and I are keen on tennis. play at school.
  11. Where's Christopher? - is at home.
  12. Excuse , is this your biro? - Yes, is, thank .
  13. Has he got green eyes? - Oh no, are grey.
  14. Where is my bag? - is over there.
  15. Whenever the pupils have got a break, are not in the classroom.