Free time

Choose the appropriate preposition for each gap..

   In      In      of      of      of      of      on      On      on      on      to      to      to      with      with  
my holidays I have a lot free time, but I have to admit sometimes I’m a coach potato. That means I sit the coach a pack chips and watch TV all day. A lot times I surf the Internet, but I hate computer games because I think they are boring. a cold rainy day I really enjoy sitting the coach a cup hot chocolate. Then I watch some good DVDs. I don’t really play board games because I find them boring. I don’t listen CDs, either. I prefer listening my IPod. Sometimes when I clean my room I listen the radio.
my free time I don’t talk the mobile phone that much, I prefer texting. I really like playing console games because it is never boring for you can play many different games.