My Flat


Choose the most appropriate word(s) for each gap.
   anteroom      bed      bit      chairs      coffee table      condominium      cupboard      desk      dining room      elevator      floor      freehold      front      furniture      hidden      living room      tiled      turn      wardrobe   
I live in a 64 m2 flat. You enter the and take the which takes you up to the fifth . As soon as you have left the , you turn left twice to be in of the door to my flat. You enter the which has a floor. The first door to your left leads to the toilet, the second to the bathroom: My bathroom isn't big, but there is enough space for a washbasin, a shower, a basket filled with my washing, a for towels, and a washingmachine. If you ignore these doors and turn right, you can look into a mirror, which is place on the wall to your left, before getting to my kitchen to your left and bookshelves to your right. There are some vases and glasses, but there are also DVDs and CDs among other things.
After having passed the bookshelves, you enter a big room, which looks first as if it were a living room because the first things you see are a sofa, two armchairs and a between them. However, as soon as you look left, you see bookshelves and a huge which a PC, a printer and a lot of material. So, there is actually only a third of the room used as a . Apart from my study, there is another room, which is a smaller. You have to enter the living room and immidiately right to get into my . Whereas the materials used in the study are glass and metal, you only see wooden in the other room. The first things one sees looking in the room are a round table with six two sideboards and a trolley. So, one would assume that this is just a dining room. Yet, looking to your right, you realise that there is a huge , and next to it, behind the open door to this room, there is my .