My Home

Choose the most appropriate preposition for each gap.
   between      for      from      in      of      on      through   
I have been living in my flat the 22nd district five years. It is really great because it has many rooms, a balcony and a garden. When you open the front door, you find a big hatstand the right-hand corner and a door leading to the toilet the left-hand side. If you go straight ahead, you see another door front you. This door leads into the living room. As soon as you are this room, you have a door to the kitchen to your left and two glass doors to your right. These glass doors lead to the garden. If you go upstairs, you get to the anteroom of the first floor. You see four doors there. These doors lead to my parents' room, the balcony, the bathroom and my own room. If you stand the doorway to my room, you see my bed the left-hand corner and my wardrobe the right-hand corner. Apart that, I have a glass table the middle the room. If you look one of the windows in my room, you see our garden. My desk is these windows.Of course, there is also a chair so that I can write my homework.