My Room

Choose the most appropriate preposition for each gap.
   between      by      of      on      to      with   
I share my room my brother, who is three years older than I am. When I enter my room I see my wardrobe to my right and my brother's to my left. On the right side my cupboard is a bunk bed used Markus and me. Next our beds there are five shelves, which are used to leave all kinds things.On the left side Markus' wardrobe there are more bookshelves: On one shelf there are a TV-set, a radio and other things belonging my brother. The second one is filled stuff that belongs to me. Our desk is close the bookshelves. Of course, we have a desk lamp and some pencils the desk. The window, which is the desk and our bed, has blue curtains, which match our lightblue walls.