Various tasks leading students to level A2 (B1).

  1. Learn vocabulary.
    vocabulary lists with German translations: vegetarianmeat, seafood, spices, fruit
    vocabulary with pictures: food, website with seafood
    Play hangman and other games: vegetable and fruit
    What are Austrians and Brits supposed to eat?

  2. Check your vocabulary.
    Listen to the words, then write them.
    Look at the pictures, then write what the food is called in British English.

  3. Learn some vocabulary by going grocery shopping.

  4. Do an interactive food game on web marketing for kids
    It's a game for little ones, but grown-ups might learn something, too.

  5. Read some food facts.

  6. Answer the questions of a food survey.
    Summarize the facts by writing a paragraph on your eating habits. (A2)
    Then you might rewrite your text by using linking words and a wider range of vocabulary. (B1)

  7. Read about healthy food: The Food Guide Pyramid.

  8. Check your BMI. (A2)
    Read a text on (not) gaining weight.

  9. Dialogues at a restaurant: 1, 2
    After having done these exercises, you should write a dialogue yourself. (A2)

  10. Texts on eating habits: 1, 2
    After having done these exercises, you should write a text about your eating habits. (A2)