Various tasks leading students to level B1 or even B2.

  1. Read about common advertising hints in more detail.
    Name at least one commercial for each strategy mentioned.

  2. Read how advertisements should be analysed according to

  3. Read both the Coca Cola advertisement analysis and the Wanger ad analysis, and decide whether they are good.

  4. Write a statement in which you point out why you regard one as a good or bad analysis.

  5. Choose an ad (you may also look at creative advertising, and analyse it.

  6. Watch some spot (such as AT&T or Caltex  on before analysing it.



As the representative of the Marketing Department you present and analyse an advertisement to make clear if such an ad is suitable for the latest product of your company. (You may choose the company and the product.)

Of course,

  • you speak in grammatically correct sentences
  •  you connect your sentences
  • you choose vocabulary and phrases used in presentations 
  • you address your audience (your boss and your colleagues) in an appropriate way
  • you point out what is advertised
  • you refer in your analysis to the strategies used in the ad
  • you state why you (do not) regard this ad as a good one
  • you explain why this or a similar ad should be used to promote your product